Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Weenies on Locke!

According to Happening Hamilton an "escalated hotdog stand"  opened in Hamilton this August.

From what I gather Weenie's Hotdog Stand is usually hanging around 140 Locke St South but does travel. It's open according to weather. It has been mild though...weenie hunting anyone?

They have vegan options of course (or else why would I be talking about them!)   Notably the "'greenie weenie"' outlined on Happening Hamilton, which is "marinated tofu in peppers". It's gluten free to boot.
They also mention the "tofurkey sausage" which is potentially vegan as well, though it's not clarified.

Check out their facebook page  for more info.

I so excited to try a Weenie! Hamilton could do with more street meat.


  1. Hello Vegan food lovers! Weenies will be open shortly (middle of May stay tuned to Facebook and Twitter for details) and YES Tofurkey is the best vegan sausage on the market (I asked all my vegan friends).

    1. Thanks for the update Jared! I'll be sure to come for a weenie & review as soon as you open :)