Monday, April 16, 2012

Siam Dish on Locke

Siam Dish, a Thai restaurant out of Burlington just opened a new location on Locke Street! I went a couple weeks ago and I think it became my favorite Thai place in Hamilton. It fits well on Locke St. too. 

Great decor, cozy feel, and really yummy food. 

[Edit] I forgot to add the following paragraph into the original post but it is one of the reasons I love this place!

A big plus that my vegan dining partner and I  noticed right away was that their menu prices up if you want to add meat to the dish. This is a great alternative to what a lot of restaurants do: which is allow diners to omit meat but still charge full price for the dish. It prevents people from having to pay for the meat (what is usually one of the most expensive ingredients in the dish) which definitely makes the whole menu more vegan/vegetarian friendly!

As far as vegan-ability, you can definitely find vegan dishes there but you do have to look- nothing is marked as vegan. They have a lot of vegetarian noodle dishes and curries that are almost vegan- you just have to ask to hold the fish sauce or egg.

 I went a few weeks ago when they had just opened up.When I went it seemed like they was a bit of confusion between the wait staff- which is to be expected for a brand new restaurant. Anyway, we were over attended instead of ignored. One waiter took our order, and when we asked about holding the fish sauce in our dishes he said that they made the sauce in a big pot and not individually for each dish so we would have to pick another dish. When he gave us a few more minutes the owner came over to take our order, not knowing that the other waiter already asked. This time when we asked about holding the fish sauce she asked if we were vegan and said that it would be no problem to make the dishes vegan.

I hope that meant that they are willing to make the sauce fresh for an individual dish if needed so that there really was no fish sauce in our dishes.

Anyway I shared the Pad Thai curry (good, but not very much like Pad Thai in my opinion) and the Pineapple Curry and both were really flavorful and much recommended. The serving size was good- I could barely finish it and we didn't even have appetizers.


137 Locke St. S., Hamilton

Added to the Vegan Hamilton Treasure Map

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