Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sweet Ice

So I finally tried a Sweet Ice snow cone, and I've come to the conclusion that if you haven't tried a sweet ice snow cone, you are really missing out!

Meg & Linds of Sweet Ice Snow Cones have been selling these tasty cones all around town for awhile now and they really bring snow cones to a whole new level! I had the apple cider snow cone and I couldn't believe how dynamic the taste was ...not overly sweet, but deliciously apple-y and cinnamon-y. My friends and I were doing a cone swap so we could taste all the flavors and we all agreed that the Apple Cider flavor is just like apple pie. Except refreshing and in a conveniently portable little cup.

 Photos & graphics stolen from  Sweet Ice Website. With permission.

If that isn't a convincing enough argument that Sweet Ice is the best thing to ever happen to Hamilton, please consider that they use local ingredients and all (except for maybe one!) of their cones are vegan! I'm so excited that there is a summer-y vegan treat to enjoy in Hamilton now. Now there is no reason to feel like the left out kid at the ice cream truck.

 The ladies make all their own syrups from scratch and were helpful enough to share their ingredient list and fill me in that with the exception of possibly the Peaches and Honey flavour their cones are vegan. Honey, being an animal product isn't technically vegan, but a lot of vegans don't have a problem eating it. Either way, since honey is in the name of the flavour, its obvious that its in there.

Anyway,  their current fruit syrups are made with only fresh fruit or pure fruit juices as well as raw organic sugar. They offer:

Raspberry lemon
Strawberry lime
Apple Cider
Peaches and Honey


Sweet Espresso
Which is made with Detour coffee and raw, organic sugar.

So look out for events where these genius cone wielding entrepreneurs and their adorable vintage trailer will be around. And if I'm there, buy me a snow cone. Thanks. 

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