Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sarcoa: home of Hamilton's worst and most expensive vegan entree?

So I went to Sarcoa with friends and tried the "Veg Bib Lettuce Wraps" which was described as "Pickles Vegetables, Spicy Relish".  When the plate came I was surprised to see that I was paying $14 for 7 pieces of iceberg lettuce, raw julienned red and yellow peppers, some red onion and mango and a little cup of relish, which was not spicy (at all!). 

Here is a horrible photo of it to show the portion size 

Though I was happy to see they had a vegan option I was pretty disappointed by how boring and unsatisfying it was.  I feel like the chef was trying to provide something that would work for all of us with picky diets (raw, vegan, gluten-free, allergen- free) but they seemed to simply forget that people with these diets still like food with flavor and substance! 

Anyway, I had a good time laughing at the balls that Sarcoa has to serve this $14 glorified salad. 

The place is fairly is new so hopefully they can work out kinks like this and come back with something as impressive as their location on the bay-front. 

Sarcoa website

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