Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sestres Coffeeshop, so vegan, so delightful!

Cranberry Swirl, Queen, Triple Pleasure, Coconut Beehive
Try the ALL the pastries. They are cute and fancy and delicious! My favorites so far are the Queen (very decadent) and the Triple Pleasure which is surprisingly light, but everything is very yummy and there is always a great assortment of treats to choose from.

Some of the treats from a ready-made vegan box:
baklava, queens, triple pleasure, strawberry squares (?) and some swirls and walnut bites

Sestres also serves tea, organic coffee and more coffee things. They have soymilk available too.

This place is definitely worth checking out. The owner has all of the vegan goodies lined up on their own shelf in the storefront so it's clear what is vegan. She also has ready made mixed treat boxes to grab and go, and even does catering and will make full sized cakes on request.

 The shop itself is adorable and cheery. It has a couple little tables and is a really nice place to sit with some goodies and a coffee. I'm so happy to have it in Hamilton!

Monday-Saturday 8am-5pm 
Sundays 10am-4pm

 191 Ottawa Street North
 905 545 5040  


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